Scott Dennis

I'm a professional photographer, videographer and editor based in London that'll take any opportunity to travel!

My work focuses on capturing moments, whether that's sneaking a candid urban shot, capturing stunning landscape scenery, creating story within a frame or just keeping my eye out for the perfect light.

A thirst for travel and the outdoors is what first got me into photography! Exploring, hiking, wandering off the beaten track, interacting with locals, embracing new places and cultures was what first got the excitement bubbling. The more I traveled, the more I wanted to capture the world in my own unique way, capturing the essence of each place I explored along with doing my best to tell an open and honest story of each place I visited.

I'm always creative and enjoy experimenting with new techniques, am comfortable with all digital technologies, and use these skills in accordance to the needs of each project or client I am working for.

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